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22nd February 2021
The IKEA Karlby Battlestation

You have probably heard of the IKEA Karlby, its a popular selection within the IKEA countertop range, and again a popular choice within the battlestation community, were going to run through a few great Karlby setups, and talk a bit about this ever-popular desk choice. What is the IKEA Karlby The Karlby is a worktop […]

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20th December 2020
What is the best desk for gaming?

The best desk for gaming is one that provides you with the room to perform while being strong, hardwearing and affordable. There are no real killer features of a desk that will make you a better gamer. That said, there are some recommended avenues to explore, that can make your gaming experience, just that bit […]

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2nd December 2020
Ultimate Alienware Battlestation

What would the ultimate Alienware gaming setup consist of? Just how far can you go with Alienware alone? Is Alienware worth it?

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26th November 2020
Can Gaming PCs be used for other things?

Picture this, you buy all your components of choice, and laboriously put them together, install your OS and fire that bad boy up, and rejoice as you play the latest titles on Ultra graphics, with absolutely no sacrifices, but then you ask yourself, what else can I do with this thing? Am I trapped to […]

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27th September 2020
Gaming Gimmicks – Are Any Gaming Accessories ACTUALLY Worth Owning

The PC gaming industry doesn’t revolve solely around processors, gaming cards, tricked out towers, and RGB lighting.

No, there’s an entire cottage industry of “gaming gimmicks” that gamers spend billions of dollars on annually that has nothing to do with the hardware that lets you gain in the first place.

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25th May 2020
Wall Mounted Battlestation Inspiration

Are you looking for wall mounted battlestation ideas? Ive rounded up my favorites over the last couple months, and will be running through them below, with some key details. Why Wall Mount? Wall mounting can be essential for some setups, first of all it looks killer, and if you go the whole way and do […]

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23rd May 2019
Why PC is better than Console, and the PS5 won't change that

The gaming news world is rife with announcements to do with the Sony PlayStation 5, about all its great new features, and while they are good features, are they worth writing home about? Has anything changed in a long time in the console world, or are they still playing catch-up with our favorite community? Before […]

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13th June 2017
Welcome to Rigz - Battlestation Paradise

Welcome to Rigz I dont expect anyone to read this- I probably wouldn't- but its just a small introduction- so welcome to Rigz, the home of the battlestation. There are plenty of places to look at cool computers and battlestations, but i really want to flesh peoples builds out, get into the nitty gritty and find […]

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