The IKEA EKBACKEN Battlestation

IKEA Ekbacken battlestation

For those looking to bring a touch of elegance to their battlestation, the IKEA EKBACKEN countertop might be the ideal solution. Its combination of style and functionality ensures that it stands out in any setting.

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The IKEA LILLTRÄSK Battlestation

IKEA Lilltrask battlestation

When it comes to finding the right fit for a battlestation, the IKEA LILLTRÄSK is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Known for its minimalist and clean aesthetic, the LILLTRÄSK is not just a countertop, but a statement in design and functionality.

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The IKEA PINNARP Battlestation

IKEA Pinnarp Battlestation

With the rise of natural aesthetics in modern battlestations, the IKEA PINNARP countertop is gaining traction. Let’s dive into what makes the PINNARP a unique choice.

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The IKEA Karlby Battlestation

Karlby Battlestation

You have probably heard of the IKEA Karlby, its a popular selection within the IKEA countertop range, and again a popular choice within the battlestation community, were going to run through a few great Karlby setups, and talk a bit about this ever-popular desk choice.

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Best IKEA countertop for a desk

Corsair K95

IKEA offer a lot of countertops & worktops, but which should you use for your battlestation? Let’s run through them all and go over the pros and cons of each of them.

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