The IKEA PINNARP Battlestation

With the rise of natural aesthetics in modern battlestations, the IKEA PINNARP countertop is gaining traction. Let’s dive into what makes the PINNARP a unique choice.


PINNARP is a countertop characterized by its ash veneer, combining the beauty of solid wood with the benefits of veneer, making it resilient and authentic in appearance.

It comes in a warm ash finish which complements various setups.

Strength and Resilience of PINNARP

Being an ash veneer, the PINNARP is durable. Its natural resistance to scratches and the thickness of the veneer ensures it stands up to daily use.

Creating Your PINNARP Battlestation

Given the warm tones of the PINNARP, it pairs wonderfully with drawer units or legs in neutral shades. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic look or a modern, clean setup, PINNARP offers flexibility.

Maintaining organized cables is crucial, especially given the countertop’s natural aesthetic. Avoid clutter to let the ash veneer truly shine.


PINNARP isn’t just a worktop; it’s a fusion of nature and design. For those wanting a touch of the outdoors in their battlestation, this countertop is an excellent choice.

Of course, if PINNARP isn’t for you, then there are several other IKEA countertops that make great battlestation desks.