The IKEA LILLTRÄSK Battlestation

When it comes to finding the right fit for a battlestation, the IKEA LILLTRÄSK is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Known for its minimalist and clean aesthetic, the LILLTRÄSK is not just a countertop, but a statement in design and functionality. Let’s delve deeper into this contender.


The LILLTRÄSK is a countertop offering by IKEA, characterized by its white laminate finish which is both durable and easy to maintain. Its simplicity in design allows it to seamlessly blend into various setups, making it a versatile choice.

For those who may not be taken by the LILLTRÄSK, IKEA’s expansive countertop collection offers more. Check out my other reviews for a comprehensive guide.

Is LILLTRÄSK Scratch Resistant?

Yes, the LILLTRÄSK’s laminate finish is designed to resist scratches and is also resistant to water and stains, making it ideal for everyday use.

How To Set Up A LILLTRÄSK Battlestation

Given the straightforward design of the LILLTRÄSK, setting up your battlestation is quite intuitive.

Pair it with the iconic Alex drawer units or opt for simple legs – the choice is yours. The white laminate also offers a clean slate, allowing your gaming or computer gear to truly stand out.

When mounting your equipment, especially if you have multiple monitors, be mindful of weight distribution to prevent any unwanted sag. Also, cable management is key; use clips or sleeves to keep everything tidy.

Does IKEA Customize LILLTRÄSK Sizes?

LILLTRÄSK is available in standard IKEA sizes, and if customization is required, you’ll need to make the adjustments yourself. Do note that any changes to the product might affect its warranty.

LILLTRÄSK and Alex Drawers

The clean white finish of the LILLTRÄSK countertop pairs elegantly with the Alex drawers. Whether you opt for the white or contrasting gray drawers, the combination always results in a sophisticated look.

Securing the countertop to the drawers can be achieved using non-slip pads or L-brackets for added stability. However, in many cases, the weight of the countertop combined with your equipment ensures everything remains in place.


If you’re seeking a minimalistic yet functional desk for your battlestation, the LILLTRÄSK is a commendable choice. Its laminate finish ensures durability while offering a contemporary aesthetic. Paired with the right accessories, it can elevate your gaming or work setup to new heights.