Sebofdoom’s Scandinavian Autumnal Battlestation


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Sebofdooms Battlestation

Welcome back to Rigz- self-titled home of the Battlestation.

Today we have a battlestation all the way from, you guessed it- Scandinavia, brought to us by sebofdoom.

Its simple and clean, a user on Reddit put it very eloquently; and I’m inclined to agree;

Just imagine the satisfying clunks of that keyboard on a muffled, snowy evening ?

A very clean looking rig, with some hidden gems along the way, and some IKEA goodness, so let’s start with that, the desk here, what exactly is it?

It’s the IKEA Galant table with A-legs 🙂

Ahh, ever faithful IKEA- and A legs are a lesser done combination, but they look great nonetheless and the battlestation looks to be placed snugly in the corner of a room nicely.

Sebofdooms Battlestation

Display wise, we have a Dell U3415W here, a lovely curved monitor, including cable management routing for the cables, leaving everything clean, which is not an option for such a battlestation

The computer case here, is a lesser seen, Jonsbo VR1, looks great in the corner there

What do you think of the case?

Incredible build quality. Terrible airflow.

Mechanical Keyboard

We can also see a Corsair mousemat here, I need a new mousemat, my SteelSeries one is getting a bit faded. What’s the deal with the keyboard?

It’s a custom hand-soldered keyboard with a B.87 PCB and diffuser case 🙂 The keycaps are GMK Hydro

Well, what is a battlestation without a mechanical keyboard, really? If you would like to learn more about mechanical keyboards, keycaps and boards, and have a strong desire to have no money ever, I would recommend checking out /r/mechanicalkeyboards, seriously, wallets beware- I’m dreading the day my trusty G710+ dies for fear of going onto that subreddit for inspiration on what to get next!

Those of you on the lookout for the keycaps, beware

They are just wildly expensive.

Cool wrist wrest, what is that?

I got it off Massdrop a little time ago. Though I think I’ve seen it on Aliexpress as well since then.

the “Royal Glam Resin & Ebony Wood Wrist Rest” Looks great next to the custom keyboard here.

In the sound department, sebofdoom has gone with some Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers, and they suit the setup and battlestation perfectly.

The wallpaper, a cool winter scene with a nice fox, can be found here. Though I was unfortunately not able to find the original artist, maybe they can let me know so that I can credit them properly.

If your interested in how sebofdoom has centred his windows icons, you can find out more about that here

Those of you who are interested in mugs, or more specifically sebofdoom’s mug 🙂

It’s a Poul Pava mug. Though I think they are pretty hard to find outside of Denmark

So there we have it, I have got some bits to add to this write-up, but I’m waiting for sebofdoom to get back to me.

 seb, if your reading this, check your messages 😉

Again thanks to sebofdoom for letting us into his world a little bit there, a very pretty rig indeed.

Until next time!