12 More Battlestation Accessories

Let’s look at 12 more unique battlestation accessories that you can use to improve your setup in some way! Ranging in price and in function, there’s bound to be something in here that can add something to your setup.


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BenQ e-Reading LED Light

First, we have this BenQ Led bar, which at first glance, sure it looks like a simple light, which along provides benefits for your eyes, its no good sitting in the dark for hours- so a properly set glow & temperature can increase focus and comfort.

The light also features an ambient light sensor in the dial, so can provide you auto-dimming according to the light in the room. With a range of a warm 2700K to the coolest of 6500K, its a versatile light.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Brainwavz Metal Under Desk Dual Headphone Mount

A nice and simple entry here, its a headphone hanger- but why this one?

Well, the brainwavz hanger is made completely made of metal, so it’s super strong, it won’t let you down. Headphones can be big and clunky, so by moving them under the desk you can make your setup look a lot cleaner.

The Brainwavz is small and stylish, and sturdy, and will hold up to 2 pairs of headphones! Check it out on Amazon here.

ASUS Ai Noise-Canceling Mic Adapter

This is a personal favourite of mine, its an inline noise cancellation device, basically, you place this in-between your microphone and whatever you are plugging into, and the device will cut out a tonne of the noise that otherwise might be polluting your recording or conversation.

Its super lightweight and is broadly compatible, so if you find yourself often looking for quieter environments then maybe you could use this, check it out on Amazon here.


You know we are in the future when RGB cables have arrived on the scene, now I know this might not be for everyone- I’m not even sure if it’s for me! But for all you RGB lovers out there, you might just have found your new favourite type of cable.

It features a fully customisable light system through the software and can even tie into your games to provide custom light for the games, supporting your standard 4K 60hz HDMI specification too, so it’s going to achieve what your other cables do, and more! Check it out on Amazon here.

Anodized Aluminum Computer Case Screws

I did not know I needed these- a brilliant way to add a bit of life to an otherwise boring component, and you can tie these into your theme to suit your design. They’re affordable and super cool.

Take a look at your PC and consider if they’d be good for you- my setup, for example, has my PC side-on, so I can see the rear of my PC, and I’m thinking a set of purple thumbscrews would look great and match the RGB theme I have going! Check them out on Amazon here.

SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD

If you need a bit of additional space that you can keep in a small form factor, nice and tidy out of the way, a portable SSD might be what you are looking for.

Save yourself some time and space, start storing and transferring data with powerful NVMe solid-state performance featuring up too 2000MB/s read and 2000MB/s write speeds.

This one features a forged aluminium chassis acts as a heatsink to deliver higher sustained speeds in a portable drive that’s tough for just about anything you can throw at it in daily life. Check it out on Amazon here.

ALITOVE LED Strip Neon Light

The beauty in this type of LED Strip is the Neon effect, of course, its not strictly neon, but compared to a typical LED strip which results in scientifically spaced LED hotspots on whatever surface they are pointing at, these are so well diffused, resulting in a beautifully spread light.

Each pixel can have its own colour and brightness & you can control them individually and set them to any colour or animation you want. You could use this to make LED neon letters, under-cabinet lighting, under-bed lighting, night light, or, as your currently reading this on Rigz, TV or monitor backlight! Check it out on Amazon here.

Blue Compass Boom Arm

Next level microphone arms, I know, I know- you can get these for as little as £10/$15- and they still work, but never have I seen an arm as beautiful as the official Blue arm- it really is super clean, and extremely well made.

The arm features premium tubing with a fully internal spring design, including a hidden channel for cable management. With hand-tightened friction-hinges for smooth, quiet operation, it’s designed for the Yeti system by Blue, it is compatible with all standard shock mounts! Check it out on Amazon here.

Xiaomi LED Nightstand Lamp

This lamp is super affordable and feature-packed for the price, I personally have one of these on top of my PC tower, and love it so much I am pondering the idea of buying 2 more to place around the room and take my ambient lighting to the next level.

The Xiaomi bedside lamp is dimmable with fully adjustable colour temperatures, it can achieve a maximum brightness of 400lm, enough to light up every corner of your room. Check it out on Amazon here.

Sabrent USB 4 Bay Hard Drive/SSD Docking Station

With this Sabrent device, you can read and write up to four hard drives simultaneously, and instantly Add Seven USB 3.0 Ports + 2 Charging Ports to any compatible device that you’re using it with.

If you find yourself often plugging in drives internally to check loose drives, maybe its time to upgrade to an external unit for ease of use. Check it out on Amazon here.

SubZERO Gaming Wrist Rest Pad

Sore wrists? Me too. A wrist rest can really soften the impact of those long sessions and allow you to use your PC for longer & more comfortably.

This one is a great size and is very high quality, it also has a non-stick base so it’s not going anywhere- just imagine how this would look in front of your custom mechanical keyboard. Check it out on Amazon here.

NZXT Internal USB Hub

I have this hub in my newest build, and the reason I opted for one- is for Bluetooth, I have a dongle that emits a bright blue light, and also I never remove that dongle as I need it to use my Bluetooth accessories. I know what your thinking- just tape over the light.

Sure I could have done that, but with this hub, that USB dongle plugged into one of the USB 2.0 slots means that Bluetooth adapter truly becomes a part of my system and the light is gone, because the hub is nice and tidy out of the way.

Easy to wire in via the included molex adapter, and also expanding your internal & external USB headers, this is a great device, check it out on Amazon here.

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Well, that’s it. I hope you found something cool here, to enhance your station!

Thanks for reading, if you think I missed something please let me know at hello@rigz.io and I will check it out!