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25th May 2020
Wall Mounted Battlestation Inspiration

Are you looking for wall mounted battlestation ideas? Ive rounded up my favorites over the last couple months, and will be running through them below, with some key details. Why Wall Mount? Wall mounting can be essential for some setups, first of all it looks killer, and if you go the whole way and do […]

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4th June 2019
Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

When I finished my analysis on my favorite wireless mice, (you can read that here), it felt like the natural thing to do next, was cover the keyboards, because when you've eliminated that mouse cable, the keyboard cable is your next enemy, and my favorite variety: the mechanical kind, so here we are. Ultimately all […]

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31st May 2019
Teal and Orange Battlestation, or is it Battleroom

An all-around treat for the eyes here, thought up and executed by iismatthew, receiving most of his time throughout the winters, this is an absolute corker of a battlestation, or more accurately, a battleroom, I say that because the attention to detail and prowess extends far beyond the desk on which his computer sits, the […]

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29th May 2019
The ultimate IKEA Battlestation desk setup

We break down the Ultimate IKEA Reddit battlestation desk setup that everyone is going crazy for.

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25th May 2019
Best Wireless mouse of 2019

Wireless mice that will make you ditch the cable, but, are we there yet? Are we in that fabled space in time where a wireless mouse is on par with a wired one? What are the best wireless mice? Or are there wireless mice that beat out a wired mouse? Is this still just fantasy? […]

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23rd May 2019
Why PC is better than Console, and the PS5 won't change that

The gaming news world is rife with announcements to do with the Sony PlayStation 5, about all its great new features, and while they are good features, are they worth writing home about? Has anything changed in a long time in the console world, or are they still playing catch-up with our favorite community? Before […]

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22nd May 2019
Ultimate Cable Management guide for your Battlestation/PC

In this post, we look at all the best techniques for tidying up your cable management on your Battlestation, with these tips you'll be taking the cable management of your gaming desk to the next level.

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19th May 2019
6 Unique Battlestation Accessories

In this edition we are going to take a look at 10 'essential' battlestation accessories, from tiny hoovers to coffee warmers, there's probably something here for you. 1. COZOO Headphone Holder The first item I have here is in its simplest form, a headphone holder, but with another extra feature that for me, makes it […]

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15th May 2019
The Unproductive Productivity Battlestation

Aptly titled the Unproductive Productivity Setup, this battlestation features a great build, combined with some awesome desk features that you'll want to add to your own setups asap, including but not limited too, awesome cable management, and a power button extension. Thanks to myk_o for letting us feature his battlestation, as you can see below […]

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