6 Unique Battlestation Accessories

In this edition we are going to take a look at 10 ‘essential’ battlestation accessories, from tiny hoovers to coffee warmers, there’s probably something here for you.


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1. COZOO Headphone Holder

The first item I have here is in its simplest form, a headphone holder, but with another extra feature that for me, makes it super useful. It’s the COZOO headphone stand/holder, but also a 3 port USB charging station.

COZOO Headphone Stand

Fast Charging

The USB charger aspect of the COZOO outputs 4A (20W) and will automatically identify the correct current for the device, and fast-charge it where possible.

It will also hold just about any headphone on the planet, or, as the above picture depicts, a smartwatch, if your the kind of person that wants to hang their watch under their desk, I won’t judge.

But hey- I think it looks pretty slick and would sit well under any battlestation! Plus it scores a cool 4+ stars on Amazon.

2. Anker 4 Port USB Hub

Speaking of things that go under your desk, its the Anker, 4 Port, USB 3.0 hub, and boy is she sleek, the unique slim design of this hub makes it a great contender to be mounted underside, on the front edge of your battlestation, making it super quick and convenient to plug in your USB devices.

Slim, right?

Boasting super speed USB ports, capable of 5 Gbps data transfer speed, you’ll certainly not be longing for more, and an extra durable cable means it’ll probably outlive you.

Its currently priced at just £10.99 on Amazon, get yourself some velcro, slip it under your desk, and your laughing for less than 20 quid. It can also with gaming consoles like your Xbox one. but be wary, it’s not a powered unit, so don’t try and ask too much of this little guy, but if you work within its limits, you’ll be very happy at the price point, plus it has 4.5+ stars on Amazon, 2000+ people can’t be wrong, can they?

Into VR? one user, uses the dongle to plug his HTC Vive trackers into:

I purchased this specifically to plug HTC Vive Tracker dongles into and it’s worked perfectly.

Well isn’t that good.

3. VOBAGA Cup Warmer 

This one is definitely unique, and its as simple as that title ^ puts it, its a cup warmer, and is capable of heating up to 65℃, which is pretty mad when you think about it; its the VOBAGA Cup Warmer.

With the right mug you can brew hot tea from cold water

Yes that’s right, one reviewer even uses this puppy to brew his tea

So, full disclosure, this is not a USB device, so you will need a plug, but your only going to be using this thing at your battlestation, so there should be one left in your 8 way multi-block.

Cup Warmer

The VOBAGA features a multilevel control system, allowing you to choose from 3 different choices for heat, 40, 55, or 60 degrees C.

Its made from heat and fire resistant materials, and draws a very small amount of power making it safe and stable and is also waterproof, so if you spill your coffee on it, that you just scolded your mouth on, it’s gonna be fine. It again gets a hot 4+ stars on Amazon.

It’s worth mentioning that different kinds of mugs can work better than others, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out which of your many mugs, works best with it.

Its £19.99 at the time of writing, which isn’t cheap, but I think it has some excellent features and good build quality.

4. Corsair ST100 RGB Headset Stand

Yeah, I’ve put 2 headset stands in the same list, deal with it. But this ones special, it has RGB, end of message. But not just one, this thing has 9 zone dynamic RGB lighting.

Its the Corsair ST100, it’s not under mounted, its a self contained free standing unit, and does bring some additional features with it, like its iconic design and durable aluminium construction it’s not going to look out of place on anyone’s desk.

Even the logo is RGB?!

There she is, and there’s no denying she is beautiful, it features dual USB 3.1 output with fast charging, so you can charge a headset for instance, and your phone too, and a 3.5mm Virtual 7.1 input, for your AUX pleasure.

It sits upon a non-slip rubberised base and uses the CUE software to interface with your PC, and other Corsair RGB devices, it also has 4.5+ stars on Amazon

Great item if you have the money

Yes, its not £3.99 stick-to-your-desk-job off eBay, for certain.

Coming in at £56.99, it’s probably the most expensive thing on this list, but its also got that Corsair tax and is exceptionally well made, if RGB is a requirement, you can’t go wrong with the ST100.

5. Max Keyboard Falcon-8 Macropad

Let’s do it /r/mechanicalkeyboards style, this little beast is an 8 key, totally programmable macro pad. Its the Max Keyboard Falcon-8 Programmable Mini Macropad, and it comes in Brown, Cherry MX Brown that is.

So, it’s an 8 keypad, with white LED’s, and 9 levels of backlighting available, and comes pre-programmed with media keys in mind, even up to 6 key rollovers. It’s built from a CNC’d aluminium plate so you know shes sturdy.

6. Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

The GAZEDESK Qi mousemat, is a beautiful looking mat on its own, throw in Qi charging, now you’ve got yourself a product.

It features 3 coils instead of the traditional one, for a faster rate of charging, and a bigger surface area so you wont have trouble finding that sweet spot. Its no small mat either, coming in at 14.1 x 8.6″ its larger than traditional, and its crafted in leather.


Two different USB type C (woo, let’s forget micro!) ports to adapt for whether you want a side exit cable or rear exit. It comes in 4 colours, black, Grey, Brown and Midnight Blue, you can see them all here on Amazon. I’m into that classic leather brown. They’re more expensive than your typical mousemat, coming in at £35.99, but what can you expect, it’s not your typical mouse mat.

Another solid 4+ stars here, overall a solid mat, and a price not too far from a high-end wireless phone charger on its own.

Thanks for checking these accessories out!