The Unproductive Productivity Battlestation

Aptly titled the Unproductive Productivity Setup, this battlestation features a great build, combined with some awesome desk features that you’ll want to add to your own setups asap, including but not limited too, awesome cable management, and a power button extension.


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Thanks to myk_o for letting us feature his battlestation, as you can see below it looks great, and the RGB tax is paid in full, what we see here is, well as myk_o put it when I asked if this was his office;

More like my entertainment area

And rightly so, I could see myself browsing Netflix, and ultimately deciding not to watch anything, for many an hour at a time here, while eternally scrolling my steam library of 100+ games but complaining there is nothing to play… Anyway, back to this battlestation;

Mr award winner over here. The room looks great, and a good length on the desk, something often overlooked I believe. this is 98 inches of birch, you guessed it, it’s an IKEA Karlby.

We see a tonne of Battlestations sourced from IKEA, and you can see why, get yourself a large piece of wood, stick it on top of 2 sets drawers or legs and your away, most of the time, you make a saving.

It looks like from here one side we have a traditional desk leg, and on the other, a set of KALLAX shelves in a 2×2 format, from.. IKEA! You really can do it all IKEA!

Sweet Sweet RGB fans

This build features an Intel i7700K, housed behind the NZXT Kraken x52 Liquid Cooler, all sitting on top of an Asus Prime z270-A, with GSkill Trident Z RGB Ram, and an MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X, which he’s customised to be white! All of this goodness, sits inside the NZXT S340 Elite, in white.

My memory might be wrong but I’m sure the first ever build i did, was in an NZXT case, they make some good stuff, the S340 Elite being no exception, even claiming VR access, which basically means there is an HDMI port on the top, because that’s the world we live in now! it also comes with a PSU shroud which you can see in the above picture, which improves build visuals by around 9000%.

You can find the build on PCPartPicker here.

There’s a theme here, it’s white, and it’s cool. For some more white builds why not check out these other, white, battlestations.

Custom Anti-sag GPU Lego

If it works, it works! A piece of Lego here stopping that delightfully heavy 1080 from bending, it even fits the theme. Did you know people make whole PC cases out of lego? yeah, that’s a thing.

Corsair K70 | Logitech G602

Proudly displayed on a Glorious PC Gaming Race mousemat there, we have the Corsair K70, equipped with Browns, and a Logitech G602, a faithful mouse that does very well on reviews, however potentially its had its better days, I asked what he would like to do next;

Probably a better mouse or a badass mic

So there you have it, the mouse is on its way, I’m a fan of the Blue mic’s, they’re badass for sure, and definitely not overkill for the occasional VoIP that I do with mine.

Custom Shelf Work

I like the raised Kallax here, it creates a nice separate space within a space on the desk.

Took off the Top of the Kallax shelf and placed it on top of the Karlby tabletop. I didn’t want my Karlby to be too high, so this was the option I took. Added drawers for storage.

Klipsch Subwoofer

Here we see a USB3 hub, hidden under the desk, I need to do something like this for mine, currently it sits on the top and for the most part, they ain’t the prettiest things in the world, just boxes with USB ports on, so the more hidden away, the better I say.

Here is my favourite bit, and it’s my favourite every time, screw the custom builds, the epic specs, its all about that cable management, and this one includes my favourite things ever, velcro cable ties. I love these little guys, no more will you have loose clips of plastic littering the floor when you cut a plain old cable tie to size.

Cable management is a mess, but you wouldnt know it unless you crawled under. The net saved alot of headache too.

With you on that one.

No more will you need to dig the cable ties out of your tool bag when you add an extra cable to the bunch, simply rip that velcro open and slide that puppy in. I also like the net here, a great idea if its custom, or a great buy if it’s not!

An article on cable management is in the works.

Steelcase Chair

A Steelcase chair sits proudly beneath the desk, not much to say on chairs, you can get ’em flashy and you can get ’em clean, this is a clean one. Another view of the cable management net below, a not-often-used technique but certainly carries a lot more cable than your typical setup.

This picture here contradicts my guess on the leg situation, the table spans over a pair of legs, and then onto the Kallax 2×2.

The Hyper X Cloud II Headset, going for around £84 on amazon UK right now, over 2000 reviews and 4.5 stars, you cant go wrong with that, for your money you get 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound and Memory Foam headpand and ear cushions. Nice.

There are lots of variations of headphone hooks these days, this simple adhesive one is only £3.99 on Amazon, or you can get those trendy 2 sided ones if you’re so blessed as to have two pairs of headphones that is.

Speaking of headphones, check out this review on the Sony WH-1000XM3’s,

Extended Power Button

So its fairly obvious whats going on here, and i applaud him for it!

The power button was too far so I made one within reaching distance xD

But as he says, unless myk_o were to start booting up using his toes, its a nice addition, id be guessing but I imagine the wires correct directly to the board, much in the same way that the case’ power button does, to trigger a power on! Creative!

Thanks for letting us feature your build!