What is a battlestation

A battlestation is a computer setup, typically consisting of a tower, keyboard, mouse, and audio devices, all usually housed on a desk, adorned with accessories and (typically) tidy cables.

In a nutshell, the above is accurate, in its simplest form, its just a PC setup at its core. However under the skin it is so much more than that, encompassing not only beautiful hardware but also the spirit of the all-accepting PC Master Race, whereby anyone is a member.

You need not spend thousands on a single component, in my opinion if you have a computer setup and space, that you are passionate or proud of, you have a battlestation.

Don’t let this dissuade you from creating a truly epic space, this is what feeds the beast, you cannot aim to create your own master piece if you don’t have those who did it before you to inspire you, and that’s the beauty of it all.

Urban Dictionary has the same description, which means it must be true.

Urban Dictionary: Battlestation

Urban Dictionary: Battlestation

A term referring to a desktop computer setup. Includes the tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad (if applicable), Audio playback and recording devices (if applicable), and even wires/cables.

So where do you begin?

Well, if joining the PCMR is your desire, then consider it done, you are in. But to quote them directly:

Anyone can join the PCMR. We are an inclusive community where one’s age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, religion (or lack of), political affiliation, economic status and PC specs are irrelevant. Everyone is welcome!


From there, start building your setup. Remember, respect the journey – It’s not always about the flashiest & most expensive components or the biggest and most custom desks. Do whatever makes you happy and your battlestation will be a great place to be, whether that’s for gaming, programming, producing music, video editing, or anything else for that matter!

If its inspiration you are looking for, then I like to think we have some here to give you ideas, like the below, a colossal project that I aptly coined the battleroom, but inspiring nonetheless.

Teal and Orange Battlestation, or is it Battleroom

An all-around treat for the eyes here, thought up and executed by iismatthew, receiving most of his time throughout the winters, this is an absolute corker of a battlestation, or more accurately, a battleroom.

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If its that super popular desk you seek- you probably mean the IKEA setup, I detail that below, don’t feel bad about copying, you can take the base configuration for this and really make it your own, besides, there must be a reason this setup is so popular.

The ultimate IKEA Battlestation desk setup

We break down the Ultimate IKEA Reddit battlestation desk setup that everyone is going crazy for.

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Well there you have it, you know what it is- its pretty simple after all. Thank you for reading, and remember, its about your passion for the project, be kind to your battle(station) brothers, and lets all continue creating awesome builds.