How Much Does a Gaming Setup Cost?

How much does a gaming setup cost?

Whether you’re chasing pixelated bad guys, constructing virtual empires, or getting lost in expansive RPGs, the right gaming setup can make all the difference. But, how much does it cost to build a gaming haven?

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Can You Replace a PC Case?

Can you replace a PC case? The short answer is, absolutely! Switching out your PC case is not only possible, but it’s also a rather fun and straightforward task.

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The IKEA Karlby Battlestation

Karlby Battlestation

You have probably heard of the IKEA Karlby, its a popular selection within the IKEA countertop range, and again a popular choice within the battlestation community, were going to run through a few great Karlby setups, and talk a bit about this ever-popular desk choice.

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Best IKEA countertop for a desk

Corsair K95

IKEA offer a lot of countertops & worktops, but which should you use for your battlestation? Let’s run through them all and go over the pros and cons of each of them.

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Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards


When I finished my analysis on my favorite wireless mice, it felt like the natural thing to do next, was cover the keyboards, because when you’ve eliminated that mouse cable, the keyboard cable is your next enemy, and my favorite variety: the mechanical kind, so here we are.

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